Starting a new job at Grad Images brought us to Newport Rhode Island for the weekend! The Event Was actually at the University Of Rhode Island in Kingston, but we booked our hotel in Newport because every hotel around Kingston was already booked for graduation weekend. It ended up being a fun family weekend getaway for us, the kids and even my mom and dad too. We ended up arriving on sat, May 18th 2019 around 11pm because that same day we worked a back to back graduation event at the XL Center in Hartford from 7am to 6pm. And straight from there we came home to eat real quick and leave as soon as possible. But you know how it is to get 3 kids ready quickly. A TASK. But all in all it wasn’t that bad. We finally left around 9 p.m. Were we tired? Yes, we were exhausted and all we wanted to do was get to the hotel to sleep knowing we had to wake up again at 5:30 a.m. to drive 30 mins. to Kingston for 7 a.m. But getting our little 3 1/2 year old to go to sleep was challenging because she was so excited to be in the hotel room. So we really didn’t get to bed until 1am I think. I’d say we had about 4hrs of sleep. Waking up tired as can be we fought through it to get to our job while everyone stayed sleeping at the hotel to enjoy the day there. (lucky them ?) We were doing another back to back graduation so we wouldn’t be back to Newport until 6 p.m. The Graduation went great. I assisted most of the event while Chris Had to do the handshake pose shot. Everything went smooth and by the time we knew it we were out of there and flying back to our hotel to get to that pool and hot tub! And that’s exactly what we did. We had the whole pool and hot tub for us and our family! No one else! (that never happens at a hotel). after a few hours there we were all hungry and decided to go out to eat in downtown Newport. And because we were eating a late dinner on Sunday, everything was closed around 9 p.m. so we resorted to dinner at One Pelham East which is like a bar type scenario. It really wasn’t the type of place for the kids but at this point we just wanted to eat something! After than we called it a night to rest for the next day at the beach. The next day we ended up at Easton’s Beach which has a cliff walk that we decided to hike. It was a little too windy and just not hot enough to lay out on the beach so we decided to explore. And after a day of exploring a little we decided to get some pizza and head home. It was a fun little trip and I’m glad our new job gave us the opportunity out in Rhode Island. we could have just did the job and came home the same day but we wanted the kids to have a little fun. Oh and I forgot to mention (Grad Images paid for our hotel room)! ?.

Family group shot at a random lake we found
A nice little river near the lake
We Found a Big turtle in the river!
This place is amazing for weddings on the cliff walk! We actually saw a photoshoot of a bride and groom on the balcony of the mansion
Bella being funny on the cliff walk after taking mommas sun glasses ?
A nice view I found off on the cliffs
Enjoying another view on some cliffs
Chris wanted to scale down to the water and risk getting hit with a wave for a long exposure shot ? You can find his image under the “shop” section of our page
Adrian enjoying the view off of the cliff walk
Laisha walking around the beach enjoying the water
watching the seagull as he scavenges around the beach
My father enjoying the boats around the docks downtown
Another view of all the boats in the water
Downtown area. This was actually the restaurant we ate at Saturday night
A shot of the Newport bridge at night from our moving vehicle

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