Let’s talk about our kids. The special ones that we work so hard for day in and day out to provide them with the best life we can give them. The reason why we keep pushing ourselves every morning to go out into the world of work. All for our precious children. Because we want to give them the life they deserve to have. And when its all said and done in hopes that they’ve learned what we’ve taught them through out the years. To stay humble and to have respect. No matter how old they get or how big they grow, to us they will always be our babies. Our days literally evolve around them. From a 3 year old to 2 teens, we deal with everything you can possibly imagine. So we only felt it was right to dedicate a special blog for them, because without them, who would we be? They gave us that reason to have a passion for photography. To capture those special moments in their lives and to always have those memories to look back at. They all bring us joy in their own special way. So for that, Kids, we love you. and as much as we say we love you, we thank you. Because you gave us a purpose. A purpose to live positive, and to keep striving for the best.
Proverbs 22.6 Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life. ? AMEN


Meet Adrian. Adrian is our oldest son. Now 19 years old. And all I can say now is wow, where did time go?! It happens so fast. In the blink of an eye they are big and ready to leave you. But no matter where he goes he knows there is always a home right here for him. As he’s ready to graduate high school and venture out into the world, we wish him the best and support him all the way. He’s a great kid and always willing to help out when he can. He’s the big brother that’s always watching out for his sisters. And he comes in handy when we need him as a babysitter to the youngest. We even use him as an assistant from time to time with a photoshoot. You know, someone has the carry and hold the lights with the big softbox while mom helps pose the client and dad shoot the photo. 🙂 Oh and he also makes for a great model too!


Meet Laisha. The middle child. Now 17 years old. Born dec 26th, the day after christmas. YUP! THATS RIGHT! The festivities dont just end on christmas, It keeps going the next day! wow what a fun time of the year. We call her laish for short and shes an intelligent girl. Another one who is always willing to help out with the babysitting when we need and a great big sister to the youngest. She has dreams of traveling the world and always tells us she wants to take us places when she gets older. She Loves her music and she loves to sing. She can light up the room with her personality and she’s always ready to have fun and take adventures. It seems like she always has a smile on her face and can laugh and have a good time. She also makes for our top notch model when we need her and has no problem when it comes to looking pretty!


Meet Bella. The youngest child. 4 1/2 years old now. A beautiful ball of energy. She amazes us every day as we watch her grow now. And as older adults, I think we see and appreciate the little things we might have missed out on as younger adults raising the other 2. This little girl is really something else. She’s so smart and is in the phase of talking alot, like it just happened out of nowhere! She is so loving and is sooo funny. Just so innocent and precious. We wish they could stay little forever. She loves dancing and singing. She carries her baby doll everywhere and never leaves it behind. She loves to adventure and do all the things every little kid does. She’s growing so quick and we just wish that we can slow it down! And Yes, she makes for our 3rd and final perfect little model when we need her. She loves saying CHEEEEESE & taking pictures!

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