We decided to get away from the madness of Covid-19 and go to the deep forests of Maine to do some camping. Located in Eustis, Maine is Cathedral Pines Campground right next to Mt. Bigelow. We really wanted to do some astrophotography and capture comet Neowise as it made its closest pass to earth during the couple days we had to capture it. We figured it was best to get out to the lowest light pollution area around in order to get some amazing views of the stars. Unfortunately due to weather conditions of being too cloudy to see it during our stay, we couldn’t capture the comet. But Cathedral Pines was an amazing campground with awesome scenery! the campsites were very clean and the place was quiet. We stayed for 3 days to enjoy the outdoor nature of our surroundings. It was the kids 1st time ever camping and they all had a lot of fun. From Hiking, to kayaking to swimming, the kids stayed busy and soaked up every minute of it. It’s nice to get away from the fast paced, technology filled world and spend quality time with all of us together. Just sitting around the fire at night, cooking, and making smores made it all worth it! We would definitely love to go back there one day in the future but also want to explore other parts of Maine. We wanted to see some Moose but never saw one ☹️ so I think our next trip to Maine we will go to Moosehead and do some wildlife photography and exploring. But all in all it was an amazing trip and the campground is definitely a 5 star review in my book!

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