So since my brother was getting married, me, my husband and the kids had to fly out to Puerto Rico to join him on his special day. And since we were going to be there for two and a half weeks we decided to make it a vacation out of it after the wedding. So things were a little hectic in the beginning on the day we were suppose to fly. Our flight was scheduled on the same day Hurricane Dorian was going to hit the Island as a category 3 . United Airlines offered us a free change of date because of it about 1 day before, but it was showing it was in route and expected to fly. So do we cancel and hope to make it on the next flight the day of my brothers wedding? or do we risk it and and pray the hurricane changes route last minute and get there 2 days before my brothers wedding? Well, me and Chris decided to risk it and pray for the best. We were flying out of Newark, N.J. at 9 p.m. and would arrive in Aguadilla, P.R. around 12:30 a.m. When we got to the airport it still showed our flight was in route, even one of the workers there said “are you sure they didn’t cancel your flight because of the hurricane”? We said, ” Well I don’t think so. It still shows its in route”. But we were still unsure. When we got to the gate where everyone sits and wait to get on, there wasn’t alot of people. And by our prayers and a miracle as we watched the live weather updates the storm made a sharp turn east missing almost all of Puerto Rico. Yayy! what a relief! As we boarded the plane and sat down, we looked around and noticed there was sooo many empty seats. Everyone must have canceled their flight thinking the hurricane was going to hit. So me, Chris, Bella, and Laisha (No Adrian, he was already in Puerto Rico a month and a half before us with my mom and dad) had 3 full rows of empty seats to jump around and spread out. It was really comfortable and the flight attendant was even giving out free drinks! What a flight! When we arrived my brother was there to get us and we were all just happy to be there! (especially Chris, It was his 1st time ever to Puerto Rico & also Bella’s 1st time). Everyday was an adventure and we tried to go as many places as we could within the almost 3 weeks of being there. I have alot of family there so I had to make sure to visit as many as I could and also take Chris around the Island for him to see. My Brother gave me his car most of the time because his newly wife and my Father both had cars, so transportation wasn’t an issue. Sooo, lets see, we had my brothers wedding in Mayagüez, went to Caguas, Cebia, a 3 day trip to a beach villa in Culebra, Ponce, a baby shower in Maricao, went to Rincón a hand full of times, Agaudilla, Islabela, Aguada, Añasco, Joyuda, Sabana Grande, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. And still there was so much more to do that we never got a chance to do, untill next time. But all in all, it was a great trip and Chris and Bella did not want to leave. LOL. The weather was hot, The food was beyond delicious along with all the Frappé’s, and it will be missed til we meet again. WE LOVE YOU P.R.!!! ❤️??

Chris at some stairs with the painted flag in Aguadilla
Me at another spot in Aguadilla
A day out in Rincón at a nice hotel
My mom enjoying the view in Rincón
Who says women cant surf! A random person surfing
Welcome to Rincón
On top of the mountains in Aguada
A lizard on a tree at our house in Mayagüez
My poor dog Martin i left behind with my family when i moved to Connecticut. He missed me ?
My brothers dog named Shadow
From the tower in Añasco
My brothers wedding
My brothers wedding. Left to right – Adrian, mom, me, my brother, Elizabeth, Bella, my father, and Laisha
Wedding fun
My brothers baby shower
Bella waiting for the ferry to Culebra
As the ferry pulls up to the dock in Culebra
Our beach villa in Culebra
My Aunt and Uncle came with us to Culebra (on the left side)
My Uncle rented us a jeep to get around in Culebra
From our door at the beach villa looking out to Flemenco Beach, Culebra
A cat hanging out at our Villa
Zoni Beach, Culebra
Our Villa came with a boat ?
Flemenco Beach, Culebra
At a wave crash spot in Isabela

This video is the view from one of my Uncles house in Mayagüez

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